Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yuvaraj Speaks About Dope Tests

Yuvraj Singh has made a talk at the disparagement over the Indian cricketers' verdict to eliminate the World Anti Doping Agency's set of laws regarding drug testing, asking for cricketers to be treated differently from other sportsmen. "Their sports and our sport are different, we play more and we get very little time with our family and I feel we are traveling more. We are playing a lot of time in a year and we should be given more freedom, with due esteem to other sports."

Indian cricketers have raised concerns that the code's situation phrase will need them to give away information that could breach the solitude and intimidate their security. However, several top Indian athletes previously tested by WADA have said the code does not violate on privacy. The Indian sports minister MS Gill authorized the view, saying all national sports bodies and players should support the WADA and hold to its set of laws. The BCCI plans to ask the ICC to walk out of the WADA umbrella and develop a cricket-specific anti-doping code, but cricket's main body is improbable to support such a proposal.

The wide-ranging of traveling, Yuvraj said, gave India's cricketers too few days to spend at home each year. "After nine months of playing, we come home for just ten days," he said. "We don't want somebody to interfere upon our privacy for dope tests during that few days. We have put out our position in front of the BCCI and they will speak to the ICC."

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