Monday, August 24, 2009

ESPN Star Sports plans to live Two big Cricketing Actions

The two Cricketing actions, The Champions Trophy and Champions T20 League is going to be watched over the next couple of months, ESPN Star Sports (ESS) is all set to roll out its advertising promotion to build publicity among fans.

The overarching theme of the campaign is ‘Diwali Hogi Cup Wali’. It will commence in the first week of next month.

ESS marketing director Nirmal Dayani said that both these properties see India’s pride at venture. “In the Champions Trophy, India plays other countries to emerge victorious. In the Champions League, the three IPL franchises representing India battle the top teams in other leagues. Indians rejoice two things – victory in cricket and Diwali. Our theme radiated from this background.”

Dayani notes that after India’s unsatisfactory show in the Twenty20 World Cup, there is a desire among fans for India to regain the cup. This thirst is what the campaign takes on.

ESS will look at making a point that during the festive season there are reasons for Indians to celebrate besides Diwali. While not relate the budget for the campaign, Dayani notes that there will be a healthy mix of above and below-the-line activities. In terms of below-the-line activation, the broadcaster is looking at film tie-ups.

The sports broadcaster will use film stars of a big Bollywood release as part of its drive.

This would be the first stage of the campaign. The presenter would also be looking at interactivity where winners of consumer promotions will get to fly to South Africa to watch the event. When the Champions Trophy kicks off, the campaign would shift gears. The second leg would commence where it will focus on the Champions T20 League.

ESS is also planning to give live action for these two Cricket events.

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