Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sachin's Idea to make kids watching Cricket from his own Experience

Sachin Tendulkar has recommended a exclusive way to maintain fan notice in Test cricket involve school children for free of cost.

Speaking at the instigate of Harsha Bhogle's new book Out of the Box - Watching the Game We Love, Tendulkar, the highest run-scorer in Test as well as one-day cricket, mentioned his own example as a cricket fan which facilitate him to realize his dream.

Book launch was followed by a driven panel discussion on the changing face of the game of cricket.

"I had recommended to the BCCI in one of their gatherings that when I was a 10-year-old boy, the first time I entered a stadium was when West Indies were playing India in Mumbai," he said. "That is still fixed in my memories - that first walk inside the stadium.

"The BCCI should try and do that for school kids and college-going boys," he added. "Maybe on Saturdays and Sundays one stand could be kept for school children and other students. It would be free of become sort of an enticement for the toppers.

"They should be cost for the toppers, whether they are toppers in sports or various other subjects. But it could allow seeing the Test cricket, because that first preface to live cricket inside a stadium will always stay with their memories forever. Out of those students, even if 10 per cent get transformed into cricket fans, then that is accomplishment for us."

Tendulkar, who has written the preface to Bhogle's book, was given the first copy at the launch. The book is a collection of Bhogle's weekly columns for The Indian Express. This 275-page book is published by Viking from Penguin Books India.

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