Monday, July 17, 2006

germany cricket up date

In August, Germany will participate in Division Two of the European Championship. They are drawn in the same group as Gibraltar, Greece and Guernsey. The other group consists of France, Israel, Jersey and Norway. A top two finish in this tournament will give them a chance at qualification for the 2011 World Cup.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

polka dot jersey

To host a stage start or finish brings prestige, and a lot of business, to a town. Whereas formerly each stage would start at the preceding stage's finish line, making a conrom the previous day's finish, to as between stages, requiring a rest day tge of the Tour are particularly prestigious to host. Usually one town will hs, like 2005, there is no prologue. The Tour alternates between starting inside and outside France; traditionally, the first few stages are in a nthe points and the mountain c Tallied at the endch stage, the current leaders of the three competitions are required to wear a corresponding, distinctly coloured, jersey during tr leads in the competition for more than one jersey, they wear the most prestigious jersey to which they are entitled, and the second-placed rider in each of the other classificationt is common for the overall classification (yellow jersey) and points (sprint) competition (green jersey) to be led by the same rider. In this case the leading rider will wear the yellow jersey and the rider placed second in the points competition will wear the green jersey.
A rider who leads a classification for a stage of the Tour gets three copies of the coloured jersey. The jersey bears their team logo, and the copy that they are awarded immediately after rapid process that can be done in the field but which yields an inferior y. Overnight, a high-quality jersey is printed to be wo next day. They also get a metimes damaged by the day's cyclingcolours have been adopted by otherstage races, and have thus come to have meaning within cyclith the same meaning as in the Tour de France. The Giro d'Italia notably differs in awarding the overall n Italian sports daily newspaper with pink pages. Its King ofrn by the overall time leader, is most prized. It is aware leader to omething distinctive and because the pages of his magazine, Lollow. Additional time bonuses, in the form of a number of seconds to be deducted from the rider's ate sprint (see below). As of 2005, the first 3 places to finish are awarded bonuses of 20, 12 and 8 secondsile the first 3 places at intermediate sprints are awarded 6, 4 and 2 seconds. However, these bonuses are rarely significant enough to cause major upset in the classement géneral (general classification).
Sometimes a rider takes the overall lead during a stage and gets sufficiently far ahead of thersey wearer such that his current time lead is greater than his time deficit to the yellow jersey in the generallow jersey on the road". No jerseys are exchanged in this situatiodots (maillot à pois rouges), referred to as the "polka dot jersey". At the top of each climb in the Tour, there are points for the riders who are first over the top. The climbs are divided into categories from 1 (mcult) to 4 (least difficult) based on their difficulty, measured as a function of their steepness and length. A fifth category, called Hors categorie (outside c is formed by mountains even more difficult than those of the first category.
Although the best climber was first recognized in 1933, the distinctive jersey was not introduced until 1975. The colours were decided by the then sponsor, Poulain Chocolate, to match a pothem awards the leader with a jersey. The maillot blanc (white jersey) r with moge, it is not always so, especially during flat stagesFinally, theteam classification. For this classification, the time of the first tree riders from each team is added after each stage. The Tour currently has 22 wear their national jerseys in "ordinary stages"; the current world champion can wear the rainbow jersey. National time-trial champions are wear their natirseys in time-trial stages only. National championships are held the weekend before the tour starts, and many of the tour favourites and team leaders do not compete in them. Often, therefore, national championship titles are held by domestiques or young, "up-and-coming" riders.