Wednesday, August 12, 2009

IPL Season 3 to Start next year

The Champions of 2009 DLF IPL Deccan Chargers will battle with Kolkata Knight Riders at Hyderabad in the stating match of the 60-match IPL season 3 to be played from March 12, 2010 to April 25, 2010. This was declared by Lalit Modi, Chairman of the IPL Governing Council.

The added match will be a play–off for the third and fourth place between the losing two teams in semifinals.

It was also said that Mumbai Indians will play a few matches at Nagpur, Deccan Chargers will play few matches at Visakhapatnam, Kings XI Punjab at Dharamsala and Rajasthan Royals at Ahmedabad.

Modi also pronounced that in 2011 two more authorized teams would be listed to make for 10 teams and playing 94 matches in 12 centers.

The governing board has also in an opinion decided to give a chance for former ICL players to feature from the 2009 event.

“The BCCI had taken a conclusion that the former insurgent players, who accepted the reprieve offer by May 31, will not be allowed entry into the IPL for 12 months.

“But the Working Committee is probable to allow them and subject to some strategy.

It’s been planned that they should not be paid lower than Rs. 8 lakh and in surfeit of Rs. 20 lakh. It’s up to the BCCI to draft the strategy and identify players in the two categories.

“If a franchise had signed in a player from the earlier ICL group, it will be treated as null and invalid,” said Modi.

Illuminating that the operating cost for season II held in South Africa were much higher, Mr. Modi said the modalities of making up the shortfall of the eight franchises will be addressed at a conference next week with the team owners.

“The prices of tickets were much lower than it was in India in 2008 and the capacity at each ground in South Africa was lower than the grounds in India. Taking all this into consideration we will work out ways to meet the loss of the team owners. The IPL will try to understand all issues and cover the shortfall.”

Important changes for Season Three :

A noteworthy change has also been made to the strategic time out for the season III next year. The fielding skipper will have the choice to take a two and half minute between the 6th and 10th overs and the batsman will have the option to take a two and half minute between the 11th and 16th overs. So totally 5 minutes only in an inning totally 10 minutes for a match, it has been divided into four which saves more time it seems the same time but it is not a irritating one for the players and the viewrs.

IPL will use the services of ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit; Transfer window from December 15 to January 5, 2010; All capped international players will have to go through a public sale that will be decided in discussion with the franchises; IPL to maintain $ 7 million cap at the sale; Players to obtain NOC from member countries of ICC every year.

This is to sustain the supreme nature of the ICC’s Future Tour Programme (FTP); Icon player status to be eradicated.

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