Friday, August 07, 2009

Kumble Making out the WADA Issue

Former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble has united to the International Cricket Council board to arrange out the WADA issue with the BCCI.

The associates of the board, former Indian Test captain Anil Kumble, BCCI secretary N Srinivasan and ICC chief Advisor IS Bindra will try and make amends with the BCCI over WADA's controversial 'whereabouts' clause. The group would report back to the ICC Board at the earliest probable opportunity.

According to the new indenture by the World Anti-Doping Agency, each player of each team must report his whereabouts every single day for every three whole months. All the other international cricket teams have contracted to the clause and have sealed the deal. However, superior players and the BCCI oppose with this rule and rebuff to submit.

The new system by BCCI will feature techniques to test the players without having to bring up every single detail of their whereabouts. Goes without saying, the BCCI has faced a lot of criticism from the ICC and the other teams. Indian sports Minister Manohar Singh Gill has insist to the BCCI to happily agree to the WADA rules. However the cricket board decline to accept due to the privacy security issues, particularly during off seasons.

In the meantime the International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP) will be headed by Tim Kerr and also includes ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat. "I am pleased we have represented this group as I believe it will help to determine the practical concerns of Indian players," Lorgat said.

BCCI has come up with its own plan. "This year, the BCCI will first tutor every association about dope testing," chief executive officer Ratnakar Shetty told.

"We can't just issue patterns of WADA and anticipate them to read it. The language used by WADA is complicate to understand, so we'll be engaging specialists to give instructions on this," he said.

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