Monday, August 31, 2009

ICC deals with India for Pakistan's Security

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has guaranteed Pakistan that it will directly covenant with Indian authorities to make sure infallible security measures for its cricket team for the 2011 World Cup matches in India.

One of the most significant clauses of the contract signed between the ICC and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in Dubai last week states that the game's governing body will straightly deal with the security cover for the Pakistan team when it plays in India during the 2011 World Cup.

PCB required complete guarantees from the ICC that the players will get top-class security cover in India during the World Cup before the board agreed to give up its legal measures against the ICC over the hosting rights of the 2011 World Cup, according to sources.

The ICC will be directly dealing with getting Indian visas issued for viewers and media people from Pakistan during the World Cup.

Pakistan was supposed to host 14 matches of the World Cup and was one of the four original co-hosts of the competition along with India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

However, in April this year the ICC decided to reposition Pakistan's World Cup games after the Sri Lankan cricketers were attacked by terrorists in Lahore in March.

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