Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pakistan will make changes in tomarrow's game against Australia

Younus Khan
Pakistan captain Younus Khan confirmed India's worst fears by admitting that his side would field their reserve players in tomorrow's Champions Trophy game in opposition to Australia at Centurion.

"We will make a few changes, some are obligatory. Imran Nazir has a broken finger. Mohammad Asif deserves a look in, so do Fawad Alam and Iftikhar Rao. They need to be brought in. Some changes would certainly be made," said Younus ahead of tomorrow's game.

Younus himself is battling with a cracked right finger but lamented derisively that nobody in his side wants to give him a rest.

He though pooh-poohed the claim that Pakistan would look to lose against Australia tomorrow and dump India out of the tournament.

"I as a person don't think in that manner. Given a choice, I would love to have an India-Pakistan final. We saw at Centurion the other night when the two sides played. It was the only game in this competition where the stands were jam-packed. Everyone wants to watch an India-Pakistan game.

"It's critical for players too. I made my mark in opposition to India and was quickly accepted. Same happens for India if a young player of theirs makes a mark against us," Younus said.

Younus said no team would want to break the winning momentum in such a big tournament.

"So losing tomorrow's game is not the way to go. We would actually like to do very well against Australia for we might face them in the final. If your form is well and everything is going well, you don't want to break the rhythm and lose," he said.

He said winning or losing is part of the game and both Indian and Pakistani players should be left alone after a clash between the arch-rivals.

"Today everyone is after Dhoni. If I had lost that game at Centurion, everyone would have been after me. That's not fair. Sports should be above all this. If there is an edge in India-Pakistan game, it's good for the game. That's important and not gora aur kala (black or white) and nationalities," Younus said.

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