Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yusuf Patan Speech

The hitter Yusuf Pathan deprived of making any testimonials on the exclusion of his younger brother Irfan Patan from the list of 30-probables for the Champions Trophy. To be held in South Africa in September.

Yusuf was said that Irfan “has not been left out because of his performance.”
In a statement Yusuf said that he didn’t make any remarks on the assortment matters or about Irfan’s prohibiting.

“The remarks credited to me are totally unjustified and erroneous. I was asked to remark on the omission of Irfan Patan from the Champions Trophy probables. To which I clearly statemented, ‘It is not for me to comment on selection matters’ and got up from the press meeting,” said by Yusuf in a statement.

“A couple of people came following me and kept repeating similar question and trying to drag words from my mouth. Even here I said, ‘I have nothing to say’ and made a depart from the venue. I didn’t make any statement on selection matters,” he said.

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