Thursday, July 09, 2009

Four Day Test Cricket?

International Cricket Council Head David Morgan has coded that four-day Test matches could turn out to be a reality as the principal organization looks for ways of maintaining test cricket's esteem.

David Morgan said that "The panel of the ICC is determined to ensure that Test match cricket is seen as the altitude of our great game of Cricket.

"We require better over-rates, better pitches that give a good sense of balance between bat and ball and we need to reflect on day-night Test match cricket.The concern is the color of the ball and the eminence of the ball. It would be a pity if day-night Test match cricket had to be played with a white ball and, for that reason, coloured clothing in the ball.

"Another thinking that many people have, that we are examining, is whether Test match cricket can be played over four days instead of five days."

The ICC panel met last month and accepted harsher penalties on slow over-rates and penalties for poor pitches and they have also been examining the possibility of special coloured balls and day/night Test cricket.

"I would be very astounded if within a year you haven't seen some noteworthy changes in test cricket," He additionally said. "Over rates, pitches, day-night Tests.By the time you will see for yourself changes that have occurred in Test cricket."

Supposed to be for four-day Tests be agreed to go-ahead, ways of escalating the overs bowled for each day would have to be looked at even though it would at least bring international cricket back into procession with the cricket played at first-class all around the world.

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