Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heroes of IPL 2010: Chennai Super Kings

CHENNAI SUPER Kings, now the kings of India, bagged the IPL trophy in the final against Mumbai Indians on their own ground among there own supporters.

With nearly forty thousand people of crowd on the galleries shouting Sachin… Sachin, it was a tough fight given by the CSK to beat the Mumbai Indians.

The main highlights of CSK

CSK did not have major star players.

There is no Bollywood stars and biggies like Amabani, Vijay Mallya , Shahrukh Khan, Preeti Zinta, Shilpa Shetty and others to stand on the boundary line and to shout- ‘come on boys come on’. But still CSK made it!

Even though there were ups and downs in the competition, the spirit of the game has been maintained entirely throughout the tournament by the CSK team. Player like Suresh Raina have helped in an exceptionally great way to maintain the spirit of the team.

The captain’s duty is not only to make victories, but most importantly he needs to make his team believe that we can make victories and that is how Dhoni is differentiated from other captains.

Cheers! Chennai Super Kings.

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