Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What Afridi said was wrong: Adnan Sami

After Pakistan Cricket captain Shahid Afridi's tactless remark, where he stated that `Indians are not large hearted', there's a furore across.'

We spoke to Pakistan born singer Adnan Sami, who is `surprised' at such an uncalled for and wrong statement from a cultural ambassador of sports like Shahid Afridi.

"I would be really surprised if Afridi meant what he said. And if we have to take it on face value than I don't agree and support a thing of this sort. It's an extremely sensitive issue and this kind of statement is not needed. It's wrong", says the singer who feels he himself is a classic testimony of people's love and respect for a cultural ambassador in India.

"When people love you for your cultural contributions, geographical boundaries become non existent. I still find hard to believe that somebody like Afridi, especially who is a sports ambassador of a country and responsible for contributing to the ongoing Indo-Pak peace process, can make such a blatant statement. There's so much responsibility on them."

Adnan harps on the fact that negative statements are outcome of a confused mind. In case of the Pakistan's ODI cricket captain, Adnan attributes the statement to Afridi's frame of mind, "We do not know on what context he may have said, and how much of it is misinterpreted. However, cricket lovers will always love cricketers. They are loved for their art," concludes Adnan.

We too wonder what made Afridi sing an unpleasant tune in his home ground especially when Indians loved him here. You need a large heart Afridi!

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