Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How to raise Memory Power?

Brain traces all the information visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The second we get birth brain documents all the information. But we are capable to recall only some of the incidents and many does not come up to our remembrance. We are able to remember the possessions if recording with more concentration. reminiscence is possible if you frequently remember some items many times.

Therefore to develop the memories, follow this uncomplicated procedure.

The second you get up in the morning, deliberately keep every thing in the intellect and at the end of one hour aim to recollect all feasible thing like what you have examine in the newspaper , what you have conversed with family affiliates, what you were thinking etc and at the winding up of two hours try to recall what has happened in two hours.Keep replicating this process till the last part of the day. Earlier than the sleep try to recall all that take place in that day.

If you fail to spot out some time do not take into account. But try to do additional number of times. Try as a minimum of five times a day. At first you may take bunch of time to remember but over a stage of time you will be capable to recall just in 2 or 3 minutes . Consider this technique and do it for 3 months. You will discover the wonderful effect.

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