Friday, January 18, 2008

What do mean by Nomenclature and roads?

The nomenclature used for various types of highways like freeway, expressway, motorway and autobahn; differ between countries or even regions within a country. In several places a highway is a particular type of major road that is distinct from freeway or expressway; in other places the terms could overlap. In law highway may indicate any public road or canal. But, in some countries, the word highway is not generally used at all.
A road is a strip of land, paved, smoothed, or otherwise organized to let easy travel, connecting two or more destinations. Few roads are streets, mainly in urban areas.In the milieu of railways (railroads in American English), a road is a single pathway, which may be part of a multi-track system or could be an isolated line. In the milieu of sea transport, a road is an anchorage to travel.

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