Thursday, July 26, 2007

Data warehouse

A data warehouse is the major storehouse of an organization chronological data, its business memory. It contain the raw objects for management's conclusion support system. The vital factor leading to the use of a data warehouse is that a data forecaster can do complex query and study, such as data mining, on the information without slow down the ready systems.

A data warehouse might be new to find the day of the week on which a corporation sell the most widgets in May 1992, or how worker sick go away the week before the winter shatter differed stuck between California and New York from 2001-2005.

While prepared systems are optimized for effortlessness and speed of alteration through important use of database normalization and an entity-relationship reproduction, the data store is optimized for coverage and examination. Frequently data in data warehouse are deeply denormalised, summarised or store in a dimension-based representation.

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